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Hey! My name is Daniel

I’m a Business Owner, Family Man, and Car Enthusiast

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Meet Daniel

Business owner, family man, and car enthusiast.

Hey! My name is Daniel, and I’m super passionate about helping children succeed. Currently I do this through my business, Xenontech, by helping teachers get back to teaching. But that’s not how it all started…

I’m blessed with a wonderful and supportive wife, and two beautiful kids. You know that saying “Behind every great man, is an even greater woman”. Well that’s my wife!

I love almost anything with a motor, cars especially. I currently own a R34 GTR and an 80 series Landcruiser.

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My Primary School Years

Growing up in the western suburbs of Sydney, I attended Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Mount Pritchard. This school had a good mix of nationalities, but there weren’t many Asians. I was this nice, kind, gentle short little Asian kid with chongy eyes (still haven’t grown much).

As Anti-Bullying programs weren’t what that are today, I was easy target for bullying. I was called things such as...

How My Entrepreneurial Journey Began

I grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney, always wanting to make extra cash. So when CD burners first came out, I convinced my parents to buy me one and I would pay them back. So I started copying various types of CDs, software, music, Playstation games, mixed tapes etc. Not long after, this $700.00 burner was paid off. This money was ok for a 12/13 year old, but I wanted to see what else I could do.

How Xenontech Started

In 2004, I started out doing my Bachelors of IT spe cifically in IT Support. At the same time I got a job at the very high school I attended, St Johns Park High School. Which we still manage to this day. The transition from student to staff was very strange, especially since I wasn’t a model student to say the least.

At the beginning, I saw my job as just fixing computers. Then it evolved to...

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Moses Marrion

Jade Pham

“I knew we need assistance so trusteed Daniel Thai as he took over the role in the early days of his business. It did not take long before the support for our IT was making a major difference in the school.”

Helen Colquhoun Chester Hill North Public School Principal
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Ben Borovic

“Daniel and the whole team is friendly, approachable and helpful.”

Genelle Goldfinch Fairfield West Public School Principal
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Phins Nop

Krizy See

Andrew Elias
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